Monday, January 22, 2007

I Got a Two-Book Deal

What's new? It took approximately six months to
complete my manuscript, Divorcing the Devil.
My publicist, Terrance Wooten, and writer-friend,
Kendra Norman Bellamy, both encouraged me to
submit the manuscript to Urban Christian for

Halfway through the manuscript completion, I sent
the first four chapters to Urban Christian. The usual
response time is about two to three months. I figured
that was more than enough time for me to complete
it. Well, to my surprise, the editor responded in three
weeks. I wasn't finished. In fact, I had been on
vacation for a week, sick for another week, and
encountered a problem with my laptop. A month
later, I submitted the finish product. One week later,
I received a phone call from the executive editor
offering me a two-book deal. I was so excited! That
was a prayer answered. Time to celebrate!
Divorcing the Devil will be released in April

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