Saturday, February 24, 2007

Black Women Need Love Too

What does it take to love a black woman? A black woman is the backbone of the African-American community. A black woman will take care of her children with or without support. A black woman will cry privately but not publicly. Being a black woman signifies strength. For so long, black women have been misunderstood. The media portrays black women as loud talking, rubber necking, bad attitude having, with little or no regard for their bodies. Well, black women need love, too. So, what does it take to love a black woman?

Make love to her mind and her body will follow. Make a sistah feel secure and she’ll cook your dinner and clean your house. Make a sistah feel loved and she’ll romance you. Make a sistah feel appreciated and she’ll support your dreams.

Many men have complained that black women are too independent. Most black women are independent by necessity, not by choice. Given the opportunity to stay at home, most women would. Not because she’s lazy. Absolutely not. It’s just nice to have options. Having a man who can provide and pay the bills, that’s a turn on.

Again, I ask…what does it take to love a black woman? A man who is strong without being controlling. Loving without being mushy. Communicative without nagging. Mature but not boring. Intelligent but not corny. Humorous and not silly. Ambitious and determined. A hard worker and still a family man. Faithful. Honest. Trustworthy. Must not be abusive…verbally, physically, mentally or spiritually. No addictions. No psychotic or stalker tendencies. Generous. Romantic. Most importantly…straight.

Loving a black woman is simple. Treat her with respect. Listen without trying to solve her problems. Be strong when she is weak. Don’t lie or cheat. And never, ever, sit back and watch her suffer.

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Dean Russell said...

okay, you know I got my notebooks and pencils out. Its hard understanding y'all sometimes **wink**